Ida and I

I know a girl she brings the color inside of my world #42

My babygirl is 4 YEARS OLD!

How the heck did that happen? Who is this big girl who lives in my home? Where did my tiny baby go? And how the heck did 4 years pass with just a blink of an eye? I bet there were either Weeping Angels or a TARDIS in the mix somehow.

We had the 'traditional' birthday breakfast/brunchy thingy on her Birthday with family and friends. It was nice and I was able to keep from killing Mil so YAY! Her Highness had a good time with the most important guest: Viktor! The moment he showed up they pretty much went into her room and just played and ate together almost ignoring all the grown-ups in the living room.

later this week we're taking a few - aka 30+ - cupcakes with us to Kindergarden to celebrate up there as well. I think it might end up being on Wednesday because Boyfriend will have the day off too as we're also going to her Pacemaker checkup that day. Talk about a mindf*ck! It's already been 6 months since the last check up!?!?

Now we're getting ready for christmas. I've gotten out the christmas table clothes and such and few ornaments and then we'll just go little by little I think. We're spending Christmas Eve in Sweden which I'm sure will be good as always. It's going to be a little strange too as my Godmom ofcourse will be missing, but we're going our very best to feel the loss but not the numbing pain. I'm thinking I'll ask the kids if they want to go Christmas shopping later on. I already have a loose date with Emil to go see "The Hobbit" so maybe we can do a combo deal. I dunno.

Either way, I now officially have a 4 year-old in my house! It's both amazing and a little scary.
team!sam team leader

if you are a spoilerphobe like me and haven't watched 8x6 of SPN don't read this

Think of this as a fair warning...

When I find the time - I will write up what I'm guessing will be a hard core "OMG Dean Winchester I can't believe you!" ranty rant!

Why? Because I can't remember the last time I was this upset with Sam's older brother or felt so protective of Sam!
Joss - I am Gawd!

Joss Whedon is my master now #28

I started the day feeling like too little butter spread over too much bread. - yep Boyfriend actually used that line a while ago and I just giggled so hard because he never goes FanBoy.

Fits perfectly with how I feel though, and yeah there you go.

Anywhooooo - After a rocky start. This is what made me feel better

A7fXHyZCMAAQufC.jpg large

I'm thrilled that The Browncoats are great at techy stuff and know that some of us are WAY outside of the US and thus were not able to watch it on TV.

It was a beautiful special - it made me cry, laugh and awwww. It also made me REALLY angry with FOX again (yeah that never really goes away does it?) and then Joss broke my heart all over again.... It seems he okayed Tim Minear spilling the beans on Inara's great big secret and I'm not going to spoil any of you, but let me just say it makes me love Inara, the show and Joss a whole lot more. (didn't think that was possible) and at the same time it also breaks me heart!

And then last but not least - they showed part of the Firefly panel from Comic Con... and though I've watched that baby a few times by now - I still get all misty eyed about it. Especially one part just kills me:

"The Story is alive! -  Because of you." - Joss Whedon

Geek like Me

I'm gonna have to renew my MuseumGeekGirl membership if this works out!

So on Wednesday afternoon I had a job interview. Very hush hush, only 4 people knew about it; the woman who I talked to about it, Boyfriend, Her Highness and myself.

The interview was interesting... I went in with the idea that it was for a fundraising internship, walked out of there knowing it was actually the position of PA to the project manager. And thinking oh well, that was that. If I didn't get it, then it's not for lack of trying. And hey if I do get it then we won't be able to make it to California over Easter.

Then today over lunch I'm sitting on my couch watching this;

and really that is just heartfelt and inspirational even if you are not going through something like that.

When my phone rings....

And it's the person who needs the PA and she's telling me that she wants me to come work for her as an intern/PA and even when I tell her that my government unemployment insurance thingy is ending on Feb. 17th she still wants me and accepts my idea of them looking into maybe turning it into an 'emergency possition' when my time is up (it's something new the government has come up with and it comes with a cash price to the 'job creater' of 25.000Kr) So now I'm waiting for HR to call me back next week with their decision, but she sounded like she was willing to fight for me! So i'm trying to stay positive all the while not jinxing it all to Hell.

So yeah that's what is going on with my life at the moment. The funniest thing is - if this does indeed work out it means I'll be working at an art museum... Me... I don't even like art all that much LOL, but Her Highness! Oh she will be SO happy and proud! She looooooves that place!
Ida and I

Oh BabyGirl!

Sometimes it's hard being the grown up. This time around it was trying to find a way to make the pain all better. This morning Her Higness did NOT feel like going to Kindergarden. She kept insisting that she had a stomach bug - but when I kept asking and explaining what that really meant she finally gave in and admitting with tears flowing and everything that she did NOT want to go to Kindergarden because she would have no one there to play with!

My poor girl! She lost her BFF Sofie this july when her parents moved her to another kindergarden (I still haven't quite forgiven them for that, especially because they promissed Princess I to keep in touch and never did) and by some freak coinsidence there are no other close to 4 year old girls in Her Highness's group and (and those semi-close in age have some socializing issues that make them hard to deal with sadly) thus she is in fact 'all alone' - or you know so it seems when you are almost-for-years-old and kinda tired on a Monday morning.

She ended up agreeing to go anyway and there were no more tears, but I had a talk with one of the teachers and they promissed to keep an eye out for it to see if it's just a 'I'm tired and can't really deal with this' situation or it's actually true that she spends the day just playing on her own.

What eventually brought the mood around was me carving a smiley face into the apple she wanted to have as a snack while we rode there on the bike. Yep, that's right... I totally stole a trick from the playbook of Doctor Who and it worked! I've never seen my kid be as giddy about an apple as she was about this one.

So yeah... it was an interesting way to start the day and I'm trying not to go into full-on overly worried mommy mood, but still - it hurts to see my kid this sad. I just hope that as time passes Carla the new girl will grow into a good friend. She is almost a year Her highness' junior, but maybe it could work.