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21 January 1983
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1983-baby who watches too much tv. I'm still Daddy's girl, even if I'm now all grown up and have a family of my own.

Will get obsessed with just about anything and everything. Have a MA in History, and is currently working at a Museum where I mainly catalog items from World War 2.

The center of my life is my babygirl, Ida aka. Princess I or Her Highness. She was A LONG time in the making and without the wonders of modern technology she wouldn't be around. No I'm not kidding! She's the result of ICSI which is a kind if IVF so if that kind of thing goes against your personale believes then sorry you're not gonna find a friendly ear about that here. Another reason why she is even more special to me is that she has already overcome more than most in her short life due to the fact that she was born with the heartcondition AVSD and when she was 2½ months old she had open-heart surgery which resulted in her now living a wonderfull life with a permanent pacemaker implanted. The subject of my daughter is something I spend a lot of time on here in my journal.

Have been a fan of the JossVerse since the begining because for some reason this time around Danish tv didn't wait a year before picking it up. Where Joss goes I will follow.

One of my 'comfort sounds' is the sound of race cars, I blame my Dad and the fact that he's a Formula 1 fan and will get up at the middle of the night if needed to watch it and thus it's become the sound of home. For a 24hour periode every June you will find me rambling on about lap times and car brands because that is when I place myself infront of my tv and computer and try to catch as many moments of the legendary endurance race at Le Mans - and yeah I'm an Audi/Tom K fan (don't worry this will make sense to you if it's suppose to)

My #1 celeb crush is one Mr George Clooney - I took one look at him and was a goner. Cliché? Yes maybe, but that doesn't make me any less smitten with the man. If there is one of his films playing at a local cinema I'll be there with bells on.

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"As Captain Hammer [of “Dr. Horrible”] has taught us, when you don’t know what pain is, you can’t handle any. I’m interested in the women who do have something put upon them, so [then] they fight back." - Joss Whedon 2008

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"I'm too tall to be a girl, I never had enough dresses to be a lady, I wouldn't call myself a woman. I'd say I'm somewhere between a chick and a broad." Julia Roberts